Very strict pruning, very low production per hectare, hand harvesting only, soft pressing, aging in large and medium barrels of ancient Italian tradition, make up the path that has always been followed for our production, 400,000 bottles in total between still and classic sparkling wines.


Freccianera is the Franciacorta par excellence. Coming in four categories, Brut, Rosa, Satèn and Nature, this line of Millesimati (vintages) embraces the heart of our best production. We dedicate a great deal of our time to them, every autumn spent in pursuit of the perfect harvest, every recurrence showing off their refinement and uniqueness.


25, like the number of months lapsing between harvest and glass, hence the name. It is a non-vintage Brut and for over ten years its natural freshness has made it one of the world’s best loved Franciacorta’s. You will find it at a party on the French Riviera, or at a graduation party. A friend that you can take wherever there is an emotion to remember.


You have to know that the “Casa delle Colonne” (House of Columns) really does exist. It's the historic manor house that you come upon as you enter the Borgonato property, the same that inspired the five Berlucchi siblings in the dream that one day would be called Franciacorta. Today “Casa delle Colonne” is the name given to our prestigious Franciacorta products: Casa delle Colonne Brut Franciacorta Riserva and Casa delle Colonne Zero Franciacorta Riserva.


Our still wines are named after the vineyard that produces them: Ca' Brusade and Mandola. As if they were family wines, the ones whose scents fill the courtyard during the harvest.