Privacy Policy

Protecting the privacy of our customers is a very important part of the service offered to customers by We carry out an important task by processing your personal data in a correct and transparent way. This Privacy Notice provides you with a clear overview of how collects, processes and stores customer and, where applicable, potential customer data (hereinafter, collectively, the "customers"). You will find a brief detail of the contents of each section of the information in the "In brief" box in each section. The information that is provided to you through this document concerns the processing of personal data of natural persons carried out by during the performance of the services it offers to its customers. This document also concerns the data processed in connection with the contracts stipulated by subsidiaries, associations and foundations. We therefore recommend that you read this document to understand your rights regarding your personal data and to understand how to exercise them. strives to keep your personal information accurate and up to date. If there are any changes to your information, we ask you to kindly inform of these changes by sending us a dated and signed communication by post or email ( To ensure that your privacy is respected at all times, the internal regulations and policies relating to the processing of personal data may be subject to change. On the occasion of such changes this document will be adapted promptly in order to keep you updated. is the processor of your data



The data controller of your data is AZIENDA AGRICOLA FRATELLI BERLUCCHI SRL, VIA BROLETTO 2, 25040 CORTE FRANCA (BS) – CF 00244900031 / PI 01555790177 – CCIAA 246131



There is always a purpose for the processing of your personal data. This purpose is also called "purpose of processing". There are five main purposes: 1. Allows to contact you for commercial purposes. 2. We want the site and applications to reflect your preferences. Each of these purposes is explained in detail below, including their legal basis.


Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) you have a number of rights that you can exercise individually: Right to data portability: the right to transmit your data to another person Right to be forgotten Right of access: the right to see which of your personal data are processed by Right to rectification: the right to correct your personal data that are incorrect Right to limit processing: the right to limit the personal data we are authorized to process Right to object to profiling and automated decision-making: the right to request human intervention by, to express one's opinion and to contest the decision. The right to object: the right to stop processing your data


Whenever you want to exercise one of the rights or have other questions related to our Privacy Policy you can send us an e-mail to ( To exercise your rights in a non-electronic way you must send a letter dated and signed In addition, you can see and correct many of your personal data held by us in an environment of the site accessible to the customer.

CONFIDENTIALITY complies with the GDPR and its obligations by treating the data in its possession as confidential.We will not share your personal data with third parties except in the following cases: a. The request is based on a legal obligation b. The transmission is necessary for the execution of the contract. In other cases will not share your personal data with third parties unless you give your explicit consent.


The processing of personal data takes place in the offices of


Our employees have access only to personal data that they need to process in the performance of their duties and are bound by a confidentiality agreement. has also taken precautions and adopted security measures in order to prevent your data from ending up in the wrong hands.


Your personal data will be kept for a limited period of time, which is based on the retention period or required by law. The retention period will be aligned with the period needs in order to achieve the treatment.