It was the 1880s. Leaning on his elegant silver-handled stick, Count Ignazio de Terzi Lana moved around his grounds with a stern, almost haughty gait. He was attracted by the personality and ideas of Cavour. So to go into politics, he entrusted the management of his estate in Borgonato to the young Francesco Berlucchi, a charming young man with whom his seventeen-year-old daughter Giustina had fallen madly in love. The young lovers tied the knot and from their happy and lasting marriage sprang five children. Of these, the male heirs Ignazio and Antonio carried on the noble imprint of the family name through their numerous offspring. Lina, Laura and Guido Berlucchi were fathered by Ignazio, Francesco, Gabriella, Marcello, Pia Donata and Roberto by Antonio.



Nuovi conduttori


To be inseparably linked to one's own land and at the same time to live everywhere in the world. This is the style of today's Berlucchi family, the third generation to lead one of Franciacorta's most beloved and acclaimed wineries: Nicola, Tilli, Alessandro, Elena, Antonio, Ignazio, Antonello, Gabriella, Lorenzo, Matteo and Sebastiano. Respect for time, work and people, values inherited from their parents, combine with the international style of those who follow the high rate of change in taste and passion.





"Everyone different, all united by the same name." MARCELLO BERLUCCHI







Antonio Berlucchi, with his wife Antonia, founded the winery in 1927. But it was their five children Francesco, Gabriella, Marcello, Roberto and Pia Donata who put the family businesses together to create a new identity, in the name of tradition, the Fratelli Berlucchi Winery. Solid foundations and entrepreneurial initiative would make it one of the most avant-garde wineries in the area in just a few years, so much so that in 1967 it was registered as the first Franciacorta DOC. 

Cultivated with the greatest attention to sustainability on 70 hectares of vineyards developed with the guyot and permanent cordon spur pruning systems, the grapes are harvested in the traditional way, strictly by hand. The entire maturation and bottling process takes place within the family estate, in Borgonato. The wines of Fratelli Berlucchi, producers since the early 1900s and bearing the name of the family on all their labels, are now sold in the best restaurants and wine shops in Europe, the United States, India, China, Japan and Central America.



Neoclassico Contemporaneo

There is an Italy that harvests success in the world silently, pursuing a path of quality at all costs, without compromise. There is an Italy that respects the territory it comes from, for the wealth that a land of such varied richness can give to those who know it, love it, and cultivate it every day according to centuries-old methods. This Italy is what we are and what we appreciate through our products, made according to the strict production codes of the Franciacorta method.

Wines that give to all those who appreciate quality, a fresh consumer experience, approachable and appreciable by those who, in a bottle of sparkling wine at the top of the quality pyramid of Italian and European production, appreciate the bouquet of perfumes, freshness on the palate and the refinement of the perlage. Because we do not make products to win medals, we create experiences to remember.

Famiglia Trattore


"To make good wine you also need heart, passion and intellect." PIA DONATA BERLUCCHI