Freccianera Vintage Collection, the new way of being Fratelli Berlucchi

‘Back to the future’ for Fratelli Berlucchi! Freccianera (black arrow) is the name that brought so much success to our Franciacorta Brut Vintage 2007 in limited edition last year. So much was the success that we decided to give it to our entire range of vintage Franciacortas. Please meet Freccianera Vintage Collection.

Our historical vintage Franciacortas have now a new name: Freccianera Brut, Freccianera Rosa, Freccianera Satèn and Freccianera Nature.

 The labels are inspired by the award-winning design of our 1977 Franciacorta which was created by Franco Maria Ricci (FMR), one of the most renowned Italian graphic designers in the world. The new labels are focused on the family fireplace dating back to the seventeenth century but with a newer approach: despite being rooted in our past, our family embraces the future with enthusiasm. Proud of this new direction and conscious of the very high quality of these wines, we have made Freccianera the key focus of our vineyard. The new labels highlight primarily the Freccianera brand as from now on, we want our wines to speak on our behalf. Each label has its own colour to represent the unique identity of each wine. Four wines, one family… Freccianera, like our family, Fratelli Berlucchi, everyone with his own personality but united by one name.

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